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Webku Tech Blog providing opportunity to submit a guest post into our website. These are a great way to share your experience and advice with others so that they can start, grow business and their financial situations. Write for us to get Expand your outreach, Promote your Business, Linkbuilding and much more. High Authority and unique guest posts linking to your asset will boost his value and help Google understand your site is valuable.

There are tons of advantages for the website owner and also the guest blogger when this happens. Listed here are some of the advantages. Basically, guest posting is currently publishing articles or blogs on different websites. There are a number of websites that accepts blog post from volunteer writers. The following facet of Guest posting-It is the off-page search engine optimization technique used to acquire a referral link by other approved sites.

As we mentioned earlier, various guest posting sites have different stipulations such as blogging. Membership on a guest blogging site may be paid or free. And for each guest blogger quantity of post is restricted. Meanwhile, in the event, the guest blogger includes a website with some significance using the guest posting site might add the connection of his website in the guest article.

Not just this guest posting has additional benefits too. A big gain of guest blogging would be referral links. However, the benefits of guest posting will be outside this. Guest posting enhances your online existence not merely browsing motors however also on unique websites too.

Let us take a Peek at guest posting advantages —. Quality of website posts is of fantastic significance for producing website popular and applicable. By encouraging nicely written and authoritative site posts and content, a website stands to set itself as an authority on the topic. The search spiders enjoy websites which have real information to offer you.

The guest blogger gains from posting sites which promote real articles by means of vulnerability to the viewers of a market category that are genuinely searching for advice.

It is a simple fact that nobody is able to dismiss. Hosting a website involves using resources — efforts in addition to money. Why waste the attempts? Well, among many standards such as search engines is the characteristic of links which point towards an internet website. These are known as off-site links. The more links you have from related websites which point towards your website, the higher your odds are at making it on the best ten or s list about the search results page.

From the Web 2. Guest posts are shared with subscribers and talked about on many different social media websites and forums. This permits a writer to know various viewpoints on the exact same subject consequently adding to his knowledge foundation which subsequently makes him a much better author. Essentially, traffic to your website are a sign to search engines that many others vouch to your content. If many sites link to the exact same webpage or website, search engines may infer that content is well worth connecting to, and so also worth surfacing to a SERP.

Guest Posting is a superb method of creating your own new name.

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Guest posting may make sure that you discuss your thoughts with viewers that are really interested in the info that you need to offer you. Your market composing demonstrates you as a new. To get a website operator, online traffic would be your most important concern. Guest posting meets this issue in lots of ways. Firstly, if you opt to get a guest post that you pick the most applicable website.You can, therefore, submit a guest post to technology sage.

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The purpose is to help you to reach out to a new audience base, share your talent and give back something to the community. You can also get the chance to link back to your site thereby creating high-quality back links. TechnologySage has been online since although it started as a blogspot blog. It was later moved to the WordPress platform and on a custom domain.

Its popularity has been rising day by day despite the few posts on board. Here I will lay down some tips and points before you contribute an article, which will ensure that your submission gets Fast approval. Before I help you to get started by becoming a contributor on Technology Sage, here are some of the stats of TechnologySage:. It has taken me 4. You can become a regular contributor at TechnologySage, and here are some of the tips that will help you to get your article published on this blog:.

Few things to remember before writing for Technology Sage:. Please note that we no longer accept free guest posts. Reach out to us via [email protected] or [email protected] to submit a sponsored post.

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Technology Sage. Home Submit Guest Post. Submit Guest Post. How to submit a guest post to technology sage?

Before I help you to get started by becoming a contributor on Technology Sage, here are some of the stats of TechnologySage: At the time of writing TechnologySage Alexa rank is 0. You can become a regular contributor at TechnologySage, and here are some of the tips that will help you to get your article published on this blog: Check out a few posts to understand what kind of article I publish here, and what kind of articles users engage with more.

Write the content that is solely focused on quality and adding value for the readers. You have to be a blogger or a genuine reader who have something to write and share for Technology community. Here are few of the categories that I accept an article from, and also suggestions for few articles. Do remember to do a search at TechnologySage, to avoid submitting already published ideas: Computer tricks, Computer fixes to various problems, how to s Unique computer software reviews, fixes and insights Mobile phone tricks, involving apps including but not limited to popular apps android, blackberry, iOs, nokia among others How to fix common problems in android phones, for example; root, factory reset, custom roms, firmware, etc Links between computer and mobile phones, such as controlling computer from phone or vice versa.

Current and emerging trends in the world of technology Electronic device honest reviews mobile phones, computers, etc Softwares and games, reviews and tutorials.

Anything else in this line has a good chance of being published. Few things to remember before writing for Technology Sage: Credit: TechnologySage respect individual work and if your idea is derivative of some one else work, feel free to give credit. Same goes for images that you use on your post. To ensure your article get published, write a very original piece, which is written specifically for TechnologySage audience. Article Quality : Article should be a minimum of words and should cover the topic in detail.

Incomplete details are like half-cooked food, and no one would love such articles. I take quality as one of the major consideration in accepting guest posts. If writing tutorials, take a screenshot. If you are a video blogger, you can submit your video to be published on TechnologySage YouTube channel.

Just create a video and drop me an Email, and I will tell you how to submit videos. Copyright : We respect everyone work.Do you have a tech guest post? Then just having it is not enough. You need to find the right tech blogs to give the best platforms to it.

The biggest bang here is when you get an opportunity to publish your guest posts on a higher Domain Authority DA website than yours. If you do that, you will be able to get a link from that blog to your website. It can help you with excellent Google rankings and traffic.

In this blog, we will help you explore a list of such best technology blogs that accept high-quality technology guest posts.

So, if you have a tech-related guest post, we have a compiled list of the best places for you to publish them. All your technology write for us queries will come to an end here. While publishing your technology guest blogs, you will be benefited as you can establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

Also, by posting your content on tech blogs, you will have a great social impact, create a strong online presence, develop good relationships with the best tech news site, technology blogs, and guest posting sites. What you have to take care of in this scenario is that you are meeting all the criteria that the tech blogs have set.

Categories Related to Tech Blog:

To explore what a specific blog is expecting, you just have to explore their write for us technology section and thus, you will get to know what they want. If you would like to see an elaborate list of the best blogs that accept high-quality guest post tech or tech blog guest posts, read below:. Link Publishers is the best guest post marketplace today. The guest post services that they offer are awesome!

All you need to do is to filter as per the category. If you are looking for a technology blog, you can find it easily there. Also, all the websites that Link Publishers has listed are high-domain sites with great metrics. So, you will find only quality and nothing else! You can buy guest posts very easily from Link Publishers.

Also, Link Publishers offers high-end content writing services. We have a group of expert content writers who can create high-quality technology guest posts for you. We hope the list of best technology blogs that Link Publishers has listed for your above will suffice your need to find the best places to publish your technology guest posts. Get awesome guest post technology content ready and get them published on the above amazing technology-centric blogs that you like the most.We all know that once you have designed and developed your technology website, you need to focus on promoting your site to other technology enthusiasts.

Check out our large list of technology blogs that accept guest postswhich you can use to contact high DA technology sites and submit your guest post ideas. Here are just a few of the reasons that outreach guest posts can massively increase the online presence of your technology site.

Tech is a comparatively closed sector, so guest blogging is a great tool to create awareness of your brand online. If you are looking to spread the word out about a technology project or a sale then getting your message out to bloggers is essential to your success. One of the best ways to generate editorial links back to your site is with guest posts, which will also bring in readers who are interested in your brand to your site to learn more about your company.

As a matter of fact, it is the only technique to truly develop an organic link profile to help boost your search engine optimisation and rank you higher in the search engine results pages.

Many of these bloggers throw events and could invite you for the reason that you have introduced yourself to them as a viable part of their community. Getting invited to events can lead to other connections or monetary opportunities within your business.

You will never know precisely how far you can take your product or service until you share it with others. To be able to fully develop your product or service, you want to gain valuable feedback from those that are not necessarily fans of yours.

You will find these people on other technology sites. By now, you should be ready to start the outreach process. Most bloggers and influencers are extremely active on social media.

Follow the activity of the best technology influencers. They love to interact with their followers, so there is an amazing opportunity to make a good first impression.

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Social media forms the backbone of a blogger outreach strategy. Execute it effectively and pay close attention to the details to gain connections with technology bloggers. By far one of the best methods to catch the eye of the influencer. It is crucial to leave comments that are interesting and relevant to the niche. In addition, if you are positive and also ask a question, then your results using this method will gain a significant uplift. Influencers pay close attention to activities and mentions of their work or brand online and if you share or their content that they will be aware of it.

However, be careful not praise them too much or it might come off sounding fake. When looking to create an effective technology guest post outreach strategy using a perfectly worded outreach email, you will get more positive responses from bloggers. Happy to send some examples. If you want your technology site to become more successful and to rank better in the search engines then submitting guest posts will help you to achieve your goal.

I hope you enjoyed the information in this quick reference guide and are ready to continue your journey into the world of guest posting. Check out our guest blogging service where you can outsource everything to us while you get on with growing your business. Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. Technology Guest Posts. Brand Awareness Tech is a comparatively closed sector, so guest blogging is a great tool to create awareness of your brand online.

Technology Networking If you are looking to spread the word out about a technology project or a sale then getting your message out to bloggers is essential to your success.Should you require multiple guest posts please email guestpost montdigital. If you would like to submit a guest post on montdigital. Should you have any questions please email guestpost montdigital. We offer consultancy services regarding all your design requirements.

We provide consultancy services for your business across social media and marketing channels. We manage your IT network, infrastructure, firewall security and cloud services requirements. We provide consultancy regarding your digital strategy and hosting management proactively. We offer consultancy services regarding your website and app development requirements. Working with several different Business big and smallyou can benefit from our decades of collective experience.

We like to get to know our clients and their business properly, so we can determine the best way forward. We believe in action and making the difference that would enhance the flow of your business. We only say Yes where we know real value can be added and make a significant positive difference.

We are sorry that you have opted out. However, if you accidentally selected "Block" or you want to receive notifications in the future, then follow any of the following instructions. Guest Posting. We only accept relevant content regarding digital media and marketing. Write quality contents that adds value for readers. We only accept articles that are written in English. The article should be minimum of words and should describe the relevant topic.

It is mandatory to include an image that is relevant to the content and it should be unique and not published anywhere else or it should be under a creative common license, also image credits must be provided where necessary.Our content is reader-supported.

If you click on our links, we may earn a commission. Contributing high-quality researched and written guest posts to authoritative and relevant blogs and websites is a proven way to increase trafficand boost search engine rankings.

But finding the right sites to guest post on, and who to submit your content to can be tricky. Here is a list of over high-quality blogs and websites you can guest post on and contribute your content to inwhich should help boost your site's rankings and organic traffic. Here below is a sortable and categorized list of high-quality blogs and websites allowing guest posts, and for you to submit your guest post contribution to.

List of blogs and websites about blogginglifestyle, and entertainment that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions. List of blogs and websites about business, finance, and general marketing that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions. List of blogs and websites about digital marketing, social mediaand search engine optimization that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions. List of blogs and websites about technology, gadgets, and computers that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

List of blogs and websites about web design, web development, web hostingand WordPress that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions. I would love to hear from you if you have any comments, suggestions, and of course if I need to make any corrections. Then contact me. If you have a high-quality blog or website and accept guest posts and want to be listed on this page, then you can contact me as well, and I might add it. Website Rating helps you start, run and grow your website, blog or shop online.

Learn more about us or contact us. ACN Company Number December 26, Matt Ahlgren. My background is in online marketing, WordPress development and cyber security.

My 1 with WebsiteRating is to help people start, run and grow their own websites better. You can also find me on LinkedIn. Table of Contents. Website Rating Website Rating helps you start, run and grow your website, blog or shop online.

How Stuff Works.Other than this, you will get SEO benefits and increased exposure on social media platforms. As we get a high number of requests for guest posts, please make sure that you go through these guidelines before drafting your article. However, you will get several other benefits. If you are a professional content writer and think you can contribute to our blog, contact us at our email [email protected] and send over your previous writing samples along with your article.

We like to work with actual writers rather than big SEO agencies. If you think you have something important and relevant to say, send us an email.

We look forward to your articles! Sunday, January 2, Society All History Religion. All Human Rights Social. All Mental Health. Potential Topics Your guest post should be relevant to the following categories: Culture Entertainment Environment Law Health History Religion Society Technology Below are examples of guest posts we have published on our website. Our blog has a broad audience and our readership is steadily increasing. Our guest posts get massive traffic. We will index your articles and make sure they are optimized for SEO.

We are active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit. We will share your article via these networks for more exposure. Submission Guidelines Your guest post should be around words. It should offer valuable information to our readers. You can reference two links. You should add sources and relevant references to prove your point. Add headings, subheadings, bullet points, and break up paragraphs to make them more readable.

Once it is published on our blog, you should not publish it elsewhere. We encourage the addition of images and videos. Do not plagiarize. Ehrcweb is a platform designed to look into society and subcultures in general.

We strive to write about subjects that will help people connect with others and give them a deeper understanding of different societies and cultures worldwide. We transform their daily lives into powerful stories that serve as helpful guides so readers may better understand how these different cultures came about.

All Rights Reserved. Over 25, websites that accept guest posts are waiting for you on Accessily. Write For Us: Top Technology Blogs Looking For Guest Posts ; 4, Mashable, 82 ; 5, Smashing Magazine, 77 ; 6, Techdirt, 74 ; 7, Gigaom, + Technology Blogs that Accept Guest Posts ; 81,, / ; 82,, / ; 83,, / ; 84, https://.

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The TOP tech websites for guest posting ; 2, ; 3, 17 Tech Blogs That Accept Guest Posts Right Now · iTechGyan · Techenger · The IT Base · Tech Sightings · CKAB · Creately · Wonder of Tech · Boomer Tech. List of Technology Guest Posting Sites · 1 Reveal. High · 2 8. Reveal. Medium · 3 7. Write For Us – Technology, Business, Marketing, Apps Contribute a Guest Post · Content should be at least words and make sure the content is free from. List of Top 25 Technlogy Blogs Plus + Business Blogs of that allow guest posting/Blogging ; 3,, 4, ; 4, https.

List of technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. By sharing content and knowledge you have the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority and in. Standards to Follow for Technology Write for Us Guest Posts · Unique, Authentic, & Optimized Content – The article's content should be unique, authentic, and SEO. If you are keen to contribute to us then your content must be + words to submit guest post at Mobile Mall Blog and must be free of any grammatical errors, If.

The content you will present for guest posting should be grammatical, mistake-free and informative, interactive, non-promotional, and written in an excellent. Techy Gossips - Write for us or Submit guest post on Technology, Digital Marketing, Social Media, App, Software, Blogging,SEO, Web Design etc. Write For Us | Home Improvement, Interior and Exterior - HomesFornh.

Write for us under home improvement, interior, exterior & gardening ideas. · Home. Guest Post Guidelines · Technical Acumen: ICTworks subscribers are typically mid-career professionals with over 5 years experience in technology and development.

Free Guest Post Websites ; 40, Skyje, Click Here To Read Guidelines ; 41, Web And Designer, Click Here to Submit a Guest Post ; 42, Politico Magazine, Submit a.

+ Natural High-Quality Guest Posting Websites on Niche Related Blogs with Traffic that accepts guest posts, submit your guest post now. Technology Write for Us VentureBeat | Guest Post Submissions | Ahrefs Rank: | DR: 91; | Write for us | Ahrefs.

Home; Guest Post. Guest Post. Subscribe to Guest Post. GET SUPPORT. Call 24/7 support: TECH () · Chat with 24/7 support · Report online. For only £20 girirajkumawat will Publish a guest post on -Technology Blog | I Will Write and Publish Guest Post on.