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This is a mail-in or walk in service. You can simply bring us or send us your ECU and we reflash it to our custom specifications along with what your application may require. Our turn around time is typically 48 hours or less during business days.

Please note, anyone can "flash" your ecu, we actually do more than almost any other shop in the country along with the fact we actually have and use a Dyno to develop our ECU specs and settings!

We can also on some models include a perfectly match fuel map to work with your specific exhaust call or email for details We also offer full customer support via email or phone after the flash. In addition we offer a free 30 day changes and or adjustments that you may need. We can return the ECU to stock if needed, free of charge as well.

These flashed ECU maps are the very same ones we use on our championship-winning bikes! We have multiple national championships, numerous overall club championships and thousands of individual class championships along with multiple track records!

Our work on the dyno and race track translates to you the customer getting the very best ECU flash available! The ECU is extremely vital part of your motorcycle. We remove all throttle and timing restrictions on the bike from the factory that limit your bikes potential. We are extremely dedicated to reliability and ride-ability first and foremost! Various options we provide depending on your bike include:. Contact us if you are uncertain where the ECU is located.

Most ECUs can be removed with simple hand tools and under 15 mins. Once we receive your ECU we will contact you via email with questions on make, model, modifications, type of use, fuel used and other options that may pertain to your motorcycle if necessary. The drop down menu below for models. If your ecu requires more or you would like more insurance please contact us first, this is available at an additional cost. International customers please email us before sending your ECU for flashing.

Ninja ER6n ZXR Add to Wishlist. Available: In stock. Kawasaki models. Yamaha models. Select options. Honda models.Please contact us if your bike does not have the stock quickshifter plug available.

Power Core Software

You will require the Kawasaki Race Tools Type 10 harness. What Bike uses Harness? Woolich Racing Products. You can purchase additional 17 Extension Harnesses to tune additional bikes.

Note: this product requires the purchase of Bin Files for use with the Woolich Racing Tuned software. The eliminator prevents the bike from displaying the Malfunction Indicator Light MIL on the dash and prevents fault codes from appearing in the diagnostic system. The eliminator should be plugged into the bikes wiring harness before the ignition is switched back on to prevent fault codes from being stored in the ECU.

Supported models:. This product is for customers who do not have access to one of our Interfaces but needs to read and clear fault codes. This product is not required if you already have a Woolich Racing Interface and On Bike Harness as we have diagnostics built into the software.

This particular device has been tested by Woolich Racing and it works on the motorcycles where it is listed as a product. Select the Manufacturer, Model and Year.

Year All The package includes: High quality dual direction strain gauge Quickshifter with digitally controlled pressure sensing that can be used in regular or race shift pattern. Autoblipper Opening and Target maps are fully configurable per gear. Engine Warm up parameters are fully configurable.

It is not a stand alone product. You can purchase this as a package on the product page for your bike. If you do not have a Woolich Racing Interface you can also visit a Woolich Racing - Tuning Partner and have them install and configure the Race Tools additional fees and charges will apply. View Full Product Details No Hardware is included with this item.

This harness allows you to connect the 2 pin plug used on our Bench Harnesses to a 12v Power Supply with a standard 2. Kawasaki Harness Type 17b. Allows connection between Woolich Racing v3 Interface and bike harness. Kawasaki Extension Harness Type 17b.Designed on the specific lines of yours Yamaha XSRapproved only with optional catalyzed fittingwith the weight of approx 6.

The Yamaha MT is a fairly new model, having only been launched in Make fueling and ignition timing changes instantly and upload them to the bike via the onboard WiFi system for the ultimate in track-side tuning. Fits your Yamaha XSR View detailed pictures that accompany our Yamaha XSR article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features.

A tried and tested kit to solve the common stalling and idle problems. Option 1 is road legal, but only with the optional catalytic converter fitted. I did the akra exhaust and a ecm remap and its a blast to ride.

This Yamaha XSR was booked in with us for ecu re-mapping. This set includes all necessary hardware to mount the muffler onto the engine. Stock ECU's generally are far from optimal and are developed to allow for a wide range of riding styles, fuel quality Delkevic mufflers are handcrafted from the highest quality materials to enhance your motorcycle in both performance and looks. Normaler Preis. In very good condition. Highs: Serious power, modern features, not bad on the open road for a naked bike.

This makes tuning motorcycles a slightly more delicate The complete system S-Y9R2-AFC it is realized with slip-on incarbon and steel header manifold,as well as being a download with a unique sound like only Akrapovic knows how to do, with an attractive design designed exclusively for the shapes of yours Yamaha XSR As the exhaust system fitted to this bike had the short can and link pipe, the tuned length was not configured correctly which consequently caused a volumetric efficiency loss between rpm and rpm causing a dip in the torque curve.

Production time must be considered. Additional Revenue Stream. Full titanium construction; Advanced flow dynamics; Db killer included; Carbon option for GP1 is a sleeve over titanium, as such it will last for life! Decats the bike by cutting your stock headers; Simply bolt on and ride! The relationship between the sculpted litre fuel tank and humped seat gives a Yamaha brought the XSR to market inreleasing it in two variants worldwide.

An exhilarating riding experience delivered by cutting edge technology and influenced by an unrivalled racing heritage. RRP are proud to announce that we are distributors of Bazzaz products. Add to cart. Both don't require retuning. Those bike are one of the best bangs for your buck out there. It seems like the bagger battle has only just begun.Select a manufacturer from the list below to see all available models.

If your bike is listed, then we can make the magic happen. If it's not on the list, then, unfortunately, we can't alter your ECU - but we may be able to supply and fit a Power Commander to get you some good power gains!

Our full custom remap is carried out on our state of the art dyno, and the work we do varies model to model. Most modern bikes are very restricted by the manufacturer in order to pass Euro4 emissions tests.

There is no emissions test on the UK motorcycle MOT, so in this country we are able to fully unleash a bikes potential, plus make it fuel and run perfectly. It's unbelievable how badly a lot of bikes run straight out of the factory.

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Snatchy throttles, limited power, poor fuelling, and poor fuel economy are pretty much par for the course on new bikes. If your bike has an aftermarket exhaust fitted, the custom remap will benefit you even more, as the bike will have much more air flow than a standard restrictive exhaust, and so the potential for improvement is greater. Some bikes are restricted in the first 3 gears from the factory, so we remove the restrictions, as well as having badly mapped throttles which results in a very snatchy throttle that is hard to control at slow and medium speeds.

We make many more changes too, but these are the main ones, and the ones which are the easiest to explain. This work takes roughly half a day. Please watch the video below, as Nick explains in more detail the work that we do, and answers some frequently asked questions. This work is carried out in our workshop rather than on our dyno, and we are making the same changes to your ECU as the full custom remap so the result will be great, but the base map doesn't have the custom tweaks and hours spent on the dyno to make it absolutely perfect that the full custom remap does.

We have remapped thousands of bikes over the years and have some great maps saved on our computers based on the bike, age, exhaust fitted, etc, so we can get you a great result with the base map by uploading a map that was developed for a bike very similar to yours, as well as derestricting and making many other changes to your bike. The base map will transform your bike, but the benefit of a full custom remap over the cheaper base map is that the custom map will squeeze every last BHP out of your bike, as well as making sure that the fuelling is absolutely perfect at every single RPM in every single gear.

If perfection is what you're after, then go for the full custom remap. If you want your bike to run a whole lot better, get rid of the snatchy throttle and gain some extra BHP, then we can do this with the base map, and you can always upgrade to the full custom remap at a later date if you like. If you need any more information, just contact us on or drop us a message here and we'll get back to you.

Book your bike in. Choose from below and save yourself a fortune on ECU remaps. This offer is ends 30th November Bikes must be booked in at the same time. Deposits will be taken at time of booking. Offer excludes Kawasaki H2. To book call:Waiting for it Happy New Year!

Not Patiently waiting for news about the H2SX After a while I more or less got used to it as longtime Garmin userbut I never really liked it. Usage was a bit cumbersome and it made errors e. The latter was a big unpleasant surprise. Never thought of checking this. I thought every navigation system had this.

kawasaki ninja h2 sx ecu flash

What I did like was the bar on the right with an overview of poi's on the route like gasstations and the fast updating of maps. Still I decided to sell it together with the ZSX.

Now I'm back to Garmin with a Zumo It was like coming home. It's faster than the Zumo I had, especially the map updates. They're now as fast as on the TomTom. The spoken instructions are more detailed too, like 'turn left after mtr at the traffic lights', in stead of 'turn left after mtr'. Happy I have a Garmin again. Finally the long awaited press introduction of the H2SX in Portugal.

Gonna be flooded with news from now on. Lots of tests have been published by now on the Net and Youtube. Still waiting -of course- for the old fashioned writing press. All in all the journo's were pretty positive. If not very enthousiastic " They liked the comfort and power. Something I was looking for.My Garage. Color: Black. Below you will find technical drawings of all parts for a Kawasaki NINJA H2simply select the drawing containing the parts you are looking for.

Hitting the open road on your Kawasaki Ninja H2 means freedom, exhilaration and an escape from the daily grind. This Bike has been partially disassembled, parts organized and stored in bins. Year The track-only variant is called Ninja H2R, and it is the fastest and most powerful production motorcycle on the market; it produces a maximum of horsepower kW and … Triple Parts - Seat Trim With Hardware.

Massive tech upgrades make it one of the safest bikes on the road. BS6 Versys Topics in this board must be Z H2 related on subjects not covered by other boards. The result is a unique and emotional engine sound that can only … kg. Your Kawasaki Z H2 is your energy release.

Kawasaki quick shifter

Life and durability of the pump will be affected. Kickstarter Rubber. We strive to help you keep your bike giving you the best performance possible, while having the looks that will make others stare. Add to Cart. They created this supercharged piece of machinery.

H2 frame wanted any year model. Skip to content. First seen in the H2 was little more than a scaled up, and mechanically beefed up, version of the already popular cc H1 of Our vast selection of Kawasaki motorcycle parts makes it easy to customize, upgrade or perform basic maintenance. Though I'm over the tag "Resto-Mod"that's the direction I'm going with it.

Ninja SX Performance. Kawasaki H2 SX Suspension. Video chat with this dealer. It is not all original and features chromed performance expansion chambers and free-flow individual ari filters. This set includes several warning and service labels that were originally found on these bikes when new.

Quick view Choose Options. This is a purple seat for a Kawasaki SS. Replaces OEM parts - works with existing stator, rotor. Source: Kawasaki. You will receive a reminder when the product becomes available. Z ABS — The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE still has a hp supercharged engine, but this sport-tourer is now sportier and touring-capable than before.

Search by vehicle.Image 1. Hand-built Exhaust Systems. They look great on my bike. Don't warn me again for Grand Theft Auto V. Thanks for recommending them. More mods by supertar: Livery; Guys this is by miles the best fucking mod for a bike ive ever had fucking thanks guys : 21 Hello Everyone and welcome to my first upload. This guy has been riding since before he could walk. Watch three riders tell you what '80s UK moto culture was like.

December 01, Q : What's the spawn name? A : yzfr7 Q : I can't tune it. Quick view Choose Options. Install Reshade. Not able to meet Euro 5 compliance in the current form the beloved Japanese-made legend has not had any appreciable updates since It had 1 variant and 2 colours.

Nov 12, As the ZX10R has only recently been launched there are many mods that are not yet available. They are not cheap levers in the first place, and coming from the US doesn't help. Only show this user. An effective leader can not be predicted just on their personality characteristics, the theory suggests that certain situations need different personality characteristics.

Ducati and Aprilia incur very steep premiums, in the YIKES range—this is largely due to their high purchase Posted by Danny Johnson on 24th Mar I ordered these frame sliders after being recommended by the great staff and could not be happier. Rated 5. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu.

The mods so far are listed below. Mihaker submitted a new resource: Kawasaki zxr - moto. Obviously with a tune, exhaust etc on the KRT I would be making more HP and even stock the bike is a good baseline power I am sure you will all agree is very odd year, thus we have quite a few 30! Replace the ytd in this file with the ytd in your directory. For riders who want to take these capabilities to competition, though, investing in … A Brock's Performance Clutch Mod is required for the ZXR to be launched smoothly from a dead stop!

I had been researching to buy aftermarket online as well but ended up buying sensors from a local tire shop I don't know the brand and they cloned them with no issues together with new wheels. Donere med.

2018-2021 Kawasaki H2 SX Active Tune Data Link ECU Flashing Bundle

GMS Exhaust systems are designed for the elite rider seeking top of the line performance, fit, finish and value. MSC 3D Models. The winglets are paired with a more aggressive, wider stance from the handlebars, and the screen has grown 40 mm to help you tuck in when in full send mode for me on track Kawasaki India has finally introduced the new ZXR in our market. The Marchesini wheels are pretty heavy, so huge gains can be made by going carbon or magnesium.

Frequently Bought Together. Provec Racing has it listed on eBay, with the auction ending on June 4, A solid foundation.

Over the years Kawasaki took the effort to make the design more in line with its product lineup. By Twatchai. Thanks to cristian cen for the screenshoot.

ECU flash available for purchase at the bottom of the page, ECU removal I can do a custom tune for the H2SX and many other bikes at my shop in Blaine. Schnitz ECU Reflash Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX () · Increased Rev Limiter to 13,RPM (+rpm over stock) · Top Speed Restriction Removed · Throttle Blades. Kawasaki Ninja H2 / H2R / H2 SX Race ECU Flash - H2-RACE-ECU Flash - ECU Tuning - Please don't hesitate to call us at (M-F EST).

Details in link above. Various ➡ Hayabusa ➡ VFR ➡ FJR ➡ Multistrada ➡ H2SX SE # "Godzilla". syngasburner.eu › › Electrical & Ignition Parts › CDIs & ECUs. Kawasaki H2 SX Custom Map Built specifically for your bike and set-up at our NG22 0NH base. Engine Warm Up Feature - Requires Race Tools. This package includes everything you need to start tuning your Kawasaki H2 SX with our Log Box M v3 and Zeitronix ZT-3 Wideband O2 Sensor.

Log Box M. ECU base flash allows you to remove all unwanted features that restrict the bike along with increasing power and torque throughout the rev range. We learned that it was because we didn't hook the ECU up and disable the front wheel speed sensor fault code before running it on the dyno. The. For a Custom Map £ For a Custom Map & Race Tools Package Kawasaki H2 SX & H2 SX SE Custom ECU Flash using our Dynojet I The ECU on the H2 SX is.

There are a few people out there offering ECU flash packages for the H2 - and I am a bit puzzled! As I understand it, the ECU flash will. EDR PERFORMANCE ECU Flashing service including return shipping! PLEASE FILL OUT AND ATTACH THIS DOCUMENT WITH YOUR ECU! Kawasaki models. Who has the best flash right now? Just sold my H2 SX SE and went back to a Thanks.

Kawasaki H2 SX in for an ECU flash after the Akrapovic exhaust fitment! Great gains to be had on these restricted models. Contact us today! $ ActiveTune DataLink ECU Flashing Bundle: FTdataLink ECU Interface USB Cable -FT ECU License to allow unlimited flashes for a single ecu. -Bench Flashing Harness to flash your ECU outside of the bike -Power Supply for Bench flashing H2 SX SE - (US) syngasburner.eu ECU Mapping.

Dynobike will in no way be held responsible for any modifications made to your ECU during a Custom Dyno Tune whatsoever. Custom Dyno Tuning will void most. Has anybody tried the h2sx two up, wondering how the low end torque was Right now, the ECU flash for these bikes is only $ with free. Read the latest contents about kawasaki ninja h2 sx ecu flash in Malaysia, Check out Latest Car News, Auto Launch Updates and Expert Views on Malaysia Car. I'm resisting the urge to farkle, but the WHP from ECU flash will just be too tempting!

If WHP is just a flash away, that's a no brainer!